Words can change lives. We’ve seen people land their dream job. Win that coveted scholarship. Submit a well-argued thesis. Make a priceless connection. What has been an integral step? The ability to elegantly express robust ideas. We’re here to help you make that happen.

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Our services cover two main areas – editing, language assistance, and coaching for academic contexts, and general editing, copywriting, and research. We have extensive experience in both domains, so please let us know how best we can help you. 

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• Who We Are •

Harmonious English founder Nina is proud of our track record. Our teaching/educational experience spans some of the world’s leading institutions: the University of Auckland, the University of California at San Diego, New York University, and Victoria University of Wellington, among others. We are acutely aware of what excellence looks like – it’s in our DNA. Our international experience means we have an appreciation of the leaps people take when becoming global nomads and need help with their English.

We love language and our publishing history shows it. We’ve been published in leading international journals such as Afterimage (US), Continuum (Aust), Art New Zealand (NZ), and Art Monthly Australia (Aust), among others. We also have a strong tradition of academic writing and editing and are widely read and educated in the arts, social sciences, and the humanities. Our writing experience extends to grant writing and we have strong success in securing competitive awards and funding.

At the core of what we do is an ethical focus. We do things with integrity. But what also makes us different is our sense of fun. When you work with us, you’ll be connecting with real people with personality who will go on an awesome journey through language with you. Six things we love? Dark chocolate, nostalgia, electronic music, doing good, people power, and traipsing across disciplines and industries.




• Love Notes •


You did an incredible job, exactly what I thought was needed.

You are the most inspiring lecturer I have had

One  of the most gifted educators I’ve ever encountered

I am so grateful for the great opportunity you gave me. I am stunned by how much knowledge you inhabit

Thank you so much for helping me and teaching me the skills I needed to produce work like this. You are such an incredible teacher with so much knowledge and so many skills. I feel blessed to have been taught by you

Nina is a great editor! She is very efficient and patiently pointed out any mistake I made in my paper. I am very glad to have her as my editor!

I am beyond grateful. Sincerely and wholeheartedly: THANK YOU! You are amazing!

I am very happy with your thorough job done. This is so fast and I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much for all your help and support. It’s been a great pleasure working with you. I am really lucky to have you with me throughout the whole application process.

It was great to have someone looking at the finer points to make it look so professional!

Nina is a true professional, her work is prompt and high quality. I’ve used Nina for almost more than 20 projects; she has been fantastic from all aspects. She is honest about her work and always adds value to my document.

An impeccably produced volume . . . Essential reading in the truest sense

A magnificent production, so much bigger and more impressive than anticipated

A magnificent piece of scholarship that we should all be grateful for

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